• Институт за управление на програми и проекти


“Institute for Programs and Projects Management” Ltd. (IUPP) is a consulting organization offering professional consulting services in the field of:

  • development and management of projects financed by national and international funds;
  • development, updating and evaluation of strategic planning and programming documents - regional development strategies, municipal development plans, programs for environmental protection, programs for waste management, energy efficiency programs, programs to promote the use of renewable energy and agro-tourism strategies etc.;
  • marketing strategies and business plans;
  • financial and economic, concession and functional analyzes;
  • legal advice on tender procedures;
  • investment control and construction supervision;
  • construction and energy audits, preparation of technical and energy passports for the constructions;
  • conformity assessment of investment projects and design in the construction;
  • development and implementation of management systems series ISO, model for self assessment Common Assessment Framework (CAF) and systems for administrative transparency (SAP);
  • organization of trainings and logistics of events.

IUPP owns certificate №PK-0027/22.4.2013 by Directorate for National Construction Control to carry out activities under article 166, paragraph 1, item 1 of the Law on Spatial Planning, namely conformity assessment of investment projects with the essential requirements for construction and/or construction supervision in construction.

IUPP is licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) and entered in the register under Ordinance №15 of 22.07.2019 on the status and professional development of teachers, principals and other pedagogical specialists (training with credits).

IUPP is certified under ISO 9001 & ISO 27001, and since January 2009 successfully applies the model for self assessment CAF of the European Institute of Public Administration.

Since its foundation in 2005 IUPP has built a team of responsible and proven professionals with high professional and moral qualities.

Managing partners

 Димитър Донов Петя Донова 

Dimitar Donov

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Petya Donova

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